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Blue Apple and I discuss too many things to list here. For the first 36:51 Blue reads our University article, then we freestyle about all things concerning the Coup: Canada Style.
original air date July 28, 2019

Clownworld used to come once a year, now it’s daily life! On the Ensign Hour’s first inaugural April Fool’s Day special, they pull the prank no one was expecting: an actual show! With ACTUAL CONTENT! Jack and Dixon are joined by Shawn Melville of to discuss the destruction of the PPC, as well as the Canadian deep state. Yes, Canada has a deep state. Yes, it’s run by the people who you think are running it.
original air date March 31, 2019

No time for reading tonight? Watch, Blue Apple breaks down our articles from here at the Civilian Intelligence Network in an easy to understand way. She calls out to Canadians to get informed and get involved. She calls out Frank Vaughan! Well done Patriot! original airdate March 21, 2019

Before the Civilian Intelligence Network got off the ground, @ShawningArmor made an appearance with The Boys on The Ensign Hour to discuss the Maxime Bernier’s Parody Party of Canada and our counter attack, the #ppcPurge2019 Twitter extravaganza! Skip ahead to the 48 minute mark if you’d like to get right to the purge!
original broadcast January 20, 2019