The Number of Foreign Students in Western Countries expressed as a percent.

Privy Council/Crown Temple

Jocelyne Bourgon: Clerk of Privy Council (1994-1999)

New World Order Sith Lords/Middle Temple

Stephen Harper IS Deep State

Random (Warren & Lisa) Kinsella


Tides Foundation

Tides Meeting 2006 “Scaling Up the Canadian Social Finance Sector”

Conservative Party of Canada

@ScheerMustGo IS #PowerCorpAxis Cabal

Liberal Party of Canada

Harjat Sajjan, Canadian Defence Minister, Khalistani Sympathizer

Peoples Party of Canada

Maxime Bernier, The Minister From Bell

Maxime Bernier & UNPA

#ppcPurge2019: Executive Implosion

Ethan Ekilitian


The (Extreme Right) Peoples Party of Canada

Frank Vaughan: Vampire Garlic Farmer

Martin Masse IS A (Wannabe) Globalist

Faith Goldy

Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson

Siva Canjeevaram: Bernier’s Techie

Amazing (Sheri Bones Nelson) Polly

Mark Friesen: Yellow Vest Confidence Man

Patrick Brown-ification

Nicola Hanson