Soros’ Quiet Revolution Through Liberal Elite Higher Education Cesspools

originally published April 22, 2019

Universities have historically been ground zero for revolutions acting as instruments of state formation, steering national identity, and social and political change. Globalization has allowed universities to become more diverse, replacing conservative Europeans with foreign nationals and forever changing the face of “free speech” in western countries. Youth rally for foreign causes, the implementation of one world governance, and “stateless law,” all at the expense of our national sovereignty. Who better to destabilize continents than master manipulator George Soros with his far-reaching tentacles infiltrating universities throughout the globe and transforming them into facilitators of mass migration? The education system, with its prison acclimation and obedience training, has created the perfect soldiers to implement an UN-based militarized system that will ensure their own servitude and the genocide of mankind. The invasion is underway and the revolution has begun, for Radicalism has empowered Conservatism and our nation’s law books have betrayed the very citizens they were meant to protect. Dark days lie ahead!

Soros Central European University (CEU) in Hungary

Recently, the Hungarian government passed legislation that would regulate foreign universities operating within that country. The bill, passed by a vote of 123 to 38 in favor of the legislation, will place restrictions on 28 foreign universities and potentially force them out of the country. While the legislation is general, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban targeted one institution in particular, the Central European University (CEU) founded by George Soros in 1991. Orban stated that Soros and the NGOs allied with him, were “trying to influence Hungarian domestic politics.” The liberal billionaire, a persistent critic of the Prime Minister, prompted Orban to declare that “Not even a billionaire can stand above the law, therefore this university must also obey the law (1).” Under this legislation, if foreign universities want to offer degrees in Hungary, they must have a campus in their home country. The CEU, which is accredited in the United States and Hungary, is the only one among 28-foreign based universities not to have such a campus (2).

Michael Ignatieff, former Liberal leader and current president and dean of the CEU in Budapest, denounced this legislation which he says targeted his institution. He rallied for international support, including from Global Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland (2) and several North American and European University administrators from world-renown institutions, such as MIT, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, John Hopkins, Cornell University, Berkeley, and the University of Toronto (3). Stephen Toope, director of Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto had this to say: (2)

It is not clear how much leverage the Canadian government has to influence the situation. A better option would be to appeal to Germany, a key investor in Hungary. If Canada wanted to do anything here, the best thing to do might be to quietly talk with the Germans and see if we can encourage them to play an active role.

Notorious philanthropist George Soros is the father of the globalist movement for mass migration and promoter of one world government. The questions our staff at Civilian Intelligence Network (CIN) has are: Who is Stephen Toppe? And what sort of influence has the first president of the Trudeau Foundation had in Canada? What involvement does he have with Soros CEU? How has this connection impacted post-secondary education in Canada?

Michael Ignatieff, George Soros and their precious elite liberal cesspool breeding ground,
Central European University.

Who is Stephen Toope?

Stephen Toope is a Canadian legal scholar and academic administrator who is currently vice-chancellor at the University of Cambridge in UK. He specializes in human rights, international law, and international relations. He is an active member of IALS (International Association of Law Schools), whose mission is to prepare lawyers for transnational legal practice, and he advocates for global governance by the United Nations (4). He is also former Dean of the McGill Faculty of Law (1994-1999), where he oversaw the renewal of the law curriculum, Vice-Chancellor of University of British Columbia (UBC), tenured professor of law in 2006-2014, and director of the University of Toronto Munk School of Global Affairs (2015-2017)(5)(6)(7). While at McGill University he introduced “State-less law” into Canada that is transnational, universal and intended to help to shepherd in the UN and international law (8). Stephen Toope is also founder and former president of the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation when it began its operations in March 2002, on receipt of a $125 million endowment from the Government of Canada.

Stephen Toope’s connections to the Liberal Party of Canada run deep. In 1986-87, he worked for Brian Dickson, Chief of Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada appointed by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Dickson was a leading figure in the transformation of the Supreme Court of Canada and Canadian law and an authority on Constitutional law, laying the groundwork for the new Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (9). The Constitution Act of 1982 which includes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms now guarantees fundamental freedoms for all individuals residing in Canada, including citizens, landed immigrants and even refugees (10)(11)(12).

Stephen Toope is also a member of the CIC (Canadian International Council), a think tank on international affairs, that gave George Soros Globalist of the Year award in 2010 (13)(14). At the time, Soros had nothing but praise for the Communist Government of China: (15)

Global market fundamentalism have given rise to a new world order, one dominated by China… I have to say that today China has a more, not only a more vigorous economy, but actually a better functioning government than the United States… The world order as we know it is turning into disorder… The Washington consensus is finished. Disappeared.

Stephen Toope is also part of the R2P Movement (Global Responsibility to Protect or GR2P) that calls for Rapid Response Teams to be employed by the United Nations in times of global unrest. The R2P legislation adopted the by the UN General Assembly in the 2005 World Summit, maintains that when sovereign states are unable or unwilling to fulfill their responsibility to protect their own populations from genocide, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and crimes against humanity, the international community has the responsibility to do so (16)(17)(18). This legislation has not yet become legally binding as international law. Stephen Toope, recognized as a specialist of International Law and with and with a legal background in now four world-renown law schools, will be a key player in the legalization of this law globally (19). Recently, Toope had this to say about the R2P (94):

Could we imagine pushing finally to create the United Nations rapid-response force, designed to take action against threats or breaches of the peace, envisioned in Chapter VII of the UN Charter?

Toope also advocates for global collaboration with China (20). In the era of globalization, China is the one of the largest contributors to the UN Peacekeeping budget and contributes more troops than any other member of the UN Security Council (21). In his address to the UN General Assembly, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated that China was a staunch advocate of a “multilateral rules-based world order” and asserted China’s long-standing determination to “uphold the international order and remain a champion of multilateralism (an alliance of many nations)” (22)(21).

These UN “Blue Helmet” peacekeeping forces are plagued with scandal and controversy and often referred to as global war-making forces, which have come under strong criticism for raping and slaughtering civilians amid various UN missions around the world (24). This brings into question a similar multilateral agreement imposed by President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel that would integrate European Forces to form a Common European Army that could respond quickly to situations on the ground, bypassing the sovereignty of nations within the EU(25). And just recently EU leaders joined Chinese President Xi Jinping in Paris to stress the importance of “Multilateralism” and address peace and security issues (15).

China’s growing global power makes it an exporter of human right violations, including at the UN where in 2018 it tried to block participation of its critics (26). Why then is a dictator-led communist state championing a UN Rapid Response Military Force? Why is it entering into multilateral agreements with the EU? Clearly the UN is becoming a Global Empire, a militarized United Nations with a military force run by a UN Security Council, and consisting of member states such as China and corrupt dictators like South African Cyril Ramaphosa, who is seizing land from farmers and has been implicated in the large-scale killing of white farmers (27)(28)(29). What will happen once these UN Rapid Response Teams obtain international jurisdiction?

Recently Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin argued that the State of Illinois was failing the African American community and sought UN peacekeeping efforts to combat violence and gun crimes in Chicago neighborhoods (30). The R2P mandate clearly states that should a State fail to protect its populations the international community must be prepared to take stronger measures, including the collective use of force through the UN Security Council (31). And at the “Yellow Vest Protests” in France heavily armored vehicles bearing the EU flag stormed into Paris as a sign that the EU army has already been created (87)(88).

The main promoter of this R2P Rapid Response Force is the World Federalist Movement (32)(33) that supports a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) (34) and a world without borders:(35)

See the vision of the world and all the wonder that shall be. In the parliament of all, the federation of the world. We now have a planetary community, the brotherhood and sisterhood of human kind, the Nation of Humanity. Fundamental crucial issues of peace, security, economic and social justice, human and wildlife rights and ecological protection are planetary in nature. Human sovereignty in a planetary society supersedes national jurisdictions.

Stephen Toope, a prominent member of the Canadian Chapter of the R2P movement (36), which has hosted World Federalist Movement speakers such as: Lloyd Axworthy, former cabinet minister to Liberal PM Jean Chretien and president of the World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy (37)(38), and Executive Director William Pace,who spoke at a R2P conference entitled “Effective implementation of the Responsibility to Protect: The Role of the European Union and the Civil Society.” Pace also delivered a keynote address on the origins and principles of R2P, followed by a panel discussion on “Strengthening the R2P within the European Union”(39). For those of you still in doubt of the existence of a New World Order, it is quite evident that the global invasion has already begun!

The Responsibility-to-Protect (R2P) doctrine, an ideological pretext that was created and developed by Canada’s federal government, was used to legitimize the illegal coup imposed on Haiti in 2004. Institutionalized on the world stage by a Canadian front called the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty (ICISS), the R2P doctrine was the brainchild of then-Prime Minister Jean Chrétien. When announcing its birth in 2000, then-Foreign Affairs Minister Lloyd Axworthy thanked the Carnegie, MacArthur, and Rockefeller Foundations for “strong political and financial support.” Lloyd Axworthy is President of the World Federalist Movement that advocates for UNPA. Canada, who had relations with both London and Washington, was in a perfect place to design the R2P! The main tenant of the R2P script was for the UN to abandon it’s two primary principles: state sovereignty and military non-intervention (23).

In 1973, the World Federalist Movement awarded the “World Peace Award” to Maurice Strong, who created the UN’s Earth Council to co-ordinate Agenda 21, the blueprint for the construction of a New World Order (40)(41). World Federalist Movement’s coalition partner is the Climate Action Network (CAN) – A coalition of more than 100 organizations across Canada that brings labour, indigenous groups and environmental activist groups together to promote the climate action movement and anti-oil activism (42). It includes organizations such as Leadnow, Greenpeace, the David Suzuki Foundation, West Coast Environmental Law, and Assembly of First Nations (43). These are all organizations that have been funded by the Tides Canada Foundation, whose principal financier is George Soros (44-50). Stephen Toope is an advocate for UN sustainable development goals and signed the University and College Presidents Statement of Climate Action (51)(52)(53).

Toope was also President of The Federation for Humanities and Social Sciences (54), which promotes research and teaching for the advancement of an inclusive and democratic society. It includes over 160 universities and colleges that represents 91,000 researchers and graduate students across Canada. This organization has endorsed speakers such as Naomi Klein, an anti-oil, anti-pipeline activist who recently told a group of students at the University of Calgary that the Fort McMurray wildfires were linked to climate change (54)(56).

Grant money for research plays a major role in establishing what the grant-makers hope to achieve. Grant-makers, like foundations, corporations, and government departments, typically disperse money based on compliance. (55) Grants often have predetermined conclusions making the papers published more about advocacy, and less about research. Stephen Toope is a prime example of just this fact. One look at Stephen Toope‘s full CV (5), shows 30 years of research grants most notably from the SSHRC. The SSHRC operates at the will of the privy council, where foundations like Soros’ Tides have full control to distribute funds to themselves (91). Foundations, government, and corporations are a revolving door of globalist self-interest. Stephen Toope has authored “Building compliance: The Hard Work of International Law”, “Legitimacy and Persuasion: The Hidden Power of International Law”, “Interactional International Law: Shaping International Society”, and currently “Stability and Change in International Law” (5). The globalists have infiltrated the Universities and are directing research. This is catered research, Research Papers R Us!

“Imperialist Victim” and useful genius Stephen Toope with Man Bear Pig himself, Al Gore

What involvement has Stephen Toope had with Soros or the CEU?

To improve university governance, board administrators, are part of Universities Canada, which was founded in 1911 and includes 96 public and private not-for-profit Canadian Universities (57)(58). Stephen Toope has served as Chair of the board of Universities Canada and has helped to deliver training sessions for University Administrators (59)(60). Universities Canada has partnered with the American Council on Education (ACE) Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement (CIGA) whose priorities are to assist academic institutions develop and sustain programs that increase global engagement, address global priorities, and collaborate with other institutions, governments, the private sector, and the United Nations, to advance internationalization initiatives (61)(62).

In 1946, the American Council on Education (ACE) helped establish the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which provides international exchange opportunities for American scholars and administrators (63). Other CIGA collaborating partners include: Universities Australia, German Rectors Conference, Santander Universidades (Mexico), Universities UK, European Universities Association, and Association of Colombian Universities. This initiative is funded by the Lumina Foundation (64) which is directly funded by George Soros and Open Society Initiative (65). It was not therefore, surprising to see ACE President, an Obama nominated Undersecretary of Education and proponent of the corporate takeover of public institutions, Ted Mitchel come to the defense of the Soros Central European University (CEU) on December 4, 2018: (66)(67)

We stand with CEU and the rest of the European higher education community, and we call on the government of Hungary to reconsider its stance and show that it understands and embraces the essential concepts of academic freedom and intellectual integrity.​

Recently, the Trudeau’s Liberal government announced an historic new investment to Universities Canada, with more funding for research, opportunities for women, and minorities to ensure greater diversity (68). A Lobby Canada Report reveals that Universities Canada plans to import more migrants and refugees into Canadian Universities by working with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to improve visa processing times, lower refusal rates for international students, and increase flexibility in post-graduate work permit programs, to ensure that more international students can participate in program pathways to permanent residency (69).

Despite claims that universities and institutions of higher education are non-partisan promoters of “free speech,” the reality is far from the truth. They have become far-left liberal institutions that support minority groups where “free speech” is censored and replaced by social justice advocacy for corrupt dictator-led countries many of us have never even heard of. The concerns of the nation play second fiddle to issues of globalization, mass migration, and demands for equity by non-citizens, citizens that are very much politically motivated. Michael Ignatieff, president of the CEU had this to say about the role of Universities: (70)

Globalization has allowed universities to become more diverse, multicultural and more plural of all global communities with the CUE recruiting faculty and students from 120 different countries. What we didn’t see coming at CEU is that we trained the transition elite, a Liberal democratic transition elite, but we trained the elite that lost politically. Post-1989, the transition elite, the Liberal democratic elite, got pulverized in Hungary’s election and a new center right– conservative, religious, Christian, anti-migration –won. We are now facing all the consequences of having trained an elite that lost.

For the George Soros CEU this meant they lost the battle and were forced out of Hungary only to open a new campus in Austria (71). Whether or not these “Universities of Liberal elite” will win the war in North America and in other Western Nations remains to be seen. At the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs, Stephen Toope, professors and Graduate students will still be participating in exchange programs with the CEUs Open Society Internship for Rights and Governance (OSIRG); a global initiative designed to identify and cultivate the next generation of human rights practitioners (72)(73). Globally, there are literally thousands of internships similar to this. Universities play a key role in forming national consciousness and national identity, unfortunately our students will be catering to transnational ideologies in favor of global governance.

How has this connection impacted post-secondary education in Canada?

In 2010, the Vancouver Sun reported that about 70% of the students at Simon Fraser University and UBC were visible minorities despite representing a relatively small fraction of the population of British Columbia. Many were economic migrants seeking high-paying professions which are unattainable in their own countries due to massive competition (74). At that time, UBC President Stephen Toope publically called for an increase in the number of Asian students at his university when almost half were of already of Chinese origin and were actually beginning to decrease diversity as Chinese students began to dominate the student body creating a monoculture. The concern here is whether or not the large numbers of international students at Canadian universities are taking up spaces that would otherwise go to qualified Canadians. Some research has been done in the United States on this issue by Professor George Borjas of Harvard University who concluded that: (75)

while the impact enrollment of international students on locals in U.S. educational institutions varies with different groups, there does seem be a “crowd out effect” on American-born white males.

Borjas is considered one of the leading experts on immigration and labour markets and in 2007 co-authored a study for Statistics Canada (75). Despite claims that higher foreign tuition fees bring in considerable income to Universities, in the United States the cost of foreign students is substantially underwritten by public funds with significant costs to the taxpayer (89). Since Universities operate as non-profits they are largely funded by tax dollars, another social economy money pit that goes unreported.

In 2017, Canada registered a new record of international students living in the country: 495,525 according to Immigration Refugees & Citizenship Canada. his represents a 120% increase since 2010 driven basically by Chinese and Indian students. There are 1,034,000 full time students, so close to 50% now are international students(93)! In 2016 there were roughly 4.8 million international students mainly from China, India, South Korea, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and several other Asian countries. Data used to monitor United Nations SDG commitment show the amount of foreign aid to assist these students was roughly 1.2 Billion (92). At one time the universities would limit seats to foreign students to only 10%, now schools are a back door to immigration. (93)

As President of UBC, Stephen Toope implemented a collaboration agreement between Chongqing in China and UBC to share research, knowledge and innovation. Collaborations under the agreement would focus on urban planning and sustainable development, education, international law, public policy and international relations (76). This is UBC’s first initiative under their “China Council” which seeks to expand and deepen the University’s exchange with China. One mandate of UBCs China Council is student mobility. Today, students from China are the largest international student body at UBC, now referred to as the “University of Beijing China”. The UBC webpage is even written in Chinese(90); will this become Canada’s third official language? UBC has 55 other current collaboration agreements with academic institutions in China and Chongqing along with Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin have been given Provincial government status (76) along with Provincial and Federal tax dollars.

While at McGill University when it was under Stephen Toope (1994-1999), that curriculum reform took shape. Dean Toope shepherded the Law Faculty through a five-year consultation and review process on the controversial question “what should legal education at McGill look like at the end of the 20th century?” This proposal for curricular reform, passed at Faculty Council in March of 1998. The new program, implemented “Trans-systemic Law” that would radically change legal education not only at McGill University but also within Canada and the world (77).

One of the greatest strengths of McGill’s trans-systemic program is the idea that there is not necessarily a single solution to a given problem, and that one’s own discipline doesn’t provide all the answers.

What is Trans-systemic Law? Europeans have pointed to it as a model for teaching law in a supranational continent, a way to train students for a globalized legal economy. At its core, trans-systemic law attempts to teach students about the law not from the perspective of any one specific jurisdiction, but from the perspective of many nations. The consequences for legal education are much more profound. Many words were used to describe this new curriculum like trans-systemic and trans-national, but the official name was “The McGill Program.” It has been hailed as a model for what legal education should look like in a globalized world (77).

Stephen Toope was also Co-Director for The Institute for European Studies which was founded in 2000 by the European Commission to promote EU studies outside Europe. The Institute has received financial support from the Université de Montréal and McGill University since its creation. This support, combined with grants from the European Commission, has helped the Institute to fulfill its objectives and to generate research about: The history of European integration, European law, the political system of the EU, policies of the EU, especially its social policies, and the languages and different cultures of member states (78).

The European Centre of Excellence (EUCE) was inaugurated on October 2, 2000 as a joint venture between the Université de Montréal and McGill University. The EUCE’s mandate is to promote a high-quality knowledge and understanding of Europe and to stimulate the study of the European Union in Montreal, Quebec, and Canada (79). It includes the following network of universities: Dalhousie, Carlton, University of Victoria, University of Alberta, University of Toronto, York University, and UBC (80)(81)(82)(83). In the USA the list includes Cornell, Berkeley, Columbia University, and many more. The European Commission currently supports five European Union Centres of Excellence (EUCE) in Canada, which are co-funded by their home universities: Carleton University (Ottawa), Dalhousie University (Halifax), the University of Alberta (Edmonton), the University of Victoria, and at University of Montreal and McGill University in a consortium (84).

The Centre for European Studies (CES) at Carleton University coordinates the Canadian Network of EUCEs, which complements similar networks in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Russia, and Korea (84). They are all part of the Council for European Studies, an association which is supported by charitable foundations such as the Soros Foundations and Rockefeller Foundation and the European Commission (80)(85) and which includes George Soros Central European University (CEU) (86).

It has never been a good idea to concentrate power in one place. Now, our own law schools are the mechanisms for implementing international law right here in Canada. Globalists are preparing a worldwide planetary disaster which they plan to be the saviours. Their dialectic is being developed in the echelons of higher education and they expect to have it all wrapped up by 2030. Do elected MPs have the power to reverse these stateless laws that over ride the laws of man? Are there political solutions at all? The revolutions to come are dark; they don’t include a better life for you and your family, and you may in fact be part of the 90% of humans that will be eliminated from the planet (95). Yes, implementing mass migration will kill 8.5billion people by 2100. Population reduction achieved through lack of medical care and education. UN research scenarios found in this document! (96).

It is important to learn the names of the people involved most directly in these anti-human, one world operations. Once we learn their names, we need to engage them directly. In Canada, far more than the USA, it is important to learn what is going on. The ENTIRE public sector of Canada is foreign owned and operated. We are handing over our best and brightest to one world authoritarian communism. George Soros‘ name is always present. Stephen Toope, Michael Ignatieff might be less known to you. You are not a conspiracy kook for asking questions, or for continuing your search for answers.


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The Aga Khan’s Stranglehold on Alberta

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
Rachel Notley pandering to Muslims – Which is your favourite fake hijab?

In October 2018, Rachel Notley, along with the Aga Khan, University of Alberta, and Lt-Governor of Alberta Lois Mitchell, announced an extravagant project that had been recently completed (1). The project is called the “Garden of Life” , and its purpose is to continue to inject Islam into the fabric of Canada (2).

Built within the University of Alberta Botanic Garden (3), the idea of the garden was first announced in 2009, in a speech the Aga Khan gave at his graduation ceremony, when he received an honorary doctor of law degree (4). He also signed a new “agreement (5)” with the university and announced the creation of the Global Institute of Pluralism in Ottawa (6).


To understand the garden and the Aga Khan himself, it is necessary to know what pluralism is since this is the concept that he promotes the most.

According to Merriam-Webster, pluralism is “a state of society in which members of diverse ethnic, racial, religious, or social groups maintain and develop their traditional culture or special interest within the confines of a common civilization (7)”. That sounds great but the issue is that the Aga Khan is simply poised to promote and develop his own traditional culture more than other people can promote theirs.

In other words, most people simply don’t have the means to draw such massive crowds and build extravagant buildings to highlight their culture or beliefs. This sounds like a perfect way to actually promote and encourage the growth of one culture, while the others slowly disappear. The Aga Khan actually gets Canada to pay (8) for some of these projects, even his projects in other countries (9)!

Behind the idea of pluralism, it has become easier for the Aga Khan and his globalist friends to spread Islam and their other ideals, since people are still free to practice whatever they want and won’t put up a fight or feel threatened. However, since not everyone can create these huge monuments and buildings, other cultures will likely just quietly fade away in comparison. Maybe this is why even the Muslim Brotherhood (10) promotes pluralism (11)!

An article written in 2010 about Brooks, Alberta, sums up what may happen when we have new immigrants who don’t understand Canadian laws (12). It refers to Sudanese immigrants, but I’m sure it can apply to anyone:

The Sudanese community has had its problems because of a lack of understanding of what the law is. They saw the law as something else and they didn’t put themselves in it… (also) cocaine, which has been in the town for years, arrived suddenly in larger quantities and found a ready market among some immigrants.

Higher crime rate and more violent streets “arrived suddenly” at the same time as hundreds of immigrants! It seems that things have not gotten much better in Brooks, with some people now fearing that the city may become Canada’s first “no-go zone (13).”

The Garden

While it may fall under the umbrella of pluralism, the garden really is more like cultural programming (14). Principal architect for the project, Thomas Woltz said (15), “The message of this garden is one, I believe, of pluralism”. For now maybe, but the end goal is world domination (16). It is not surprising that Mohammad himself promoted pluralism, since non-Muslims became “the people of the dhimma” and had to pay a “jizya” tax (17)! We can be sure our regular Canadian taxes will still be in effect too! A dhimmi refers to a non-Muslim subject in conquered Muslim lands (18):

A non-Muslim subject of a state governed according to the shari’a who is granted the freedom to worship and is entitled to the protection of life and property by the state, although constrained to pay a special tax and not granted the full legal status accorded to Muslim subjects. The status of dhimmi was originally limited to Christians and Jews but has occasionally been extended to Hindus, Zoroastrians, and others.

In addition to that, the word is also used disparagingly towards non-Muslims who are acting in a “conciliatory manner.” And because the Aga Khan practices his own concept of Islam to create a “super state (19)”, it is difficult to say exactly what he has planned for his Dhimma. It looks like we may find out soon! Welcome to Dhimmanada!

At the inauguration of the garden on October 16, 2018, the Aga Khan said this about the project (20):

(The) Garden has its roots in very different times and places. The symbol of the Garden as a spiritual symbol goes back to the Holy Qur’an itself—where the Garden ideal is mentioned many times. Down through many centuries, Islamic culture has continued to see the Garden as a very special place, where the Human meets further proof of the Divine.

Speaking of divine, the garden even features “a skyline of rosy-white Portuguese limestone towers, atop an imposing podium of granite and limestone. This is the Talar — the Persian word for ‘throne’ (21) .” Exactly whose divine throne is in that garden? It certainly is not God’s (22)! Even if you’re okay with wandering around the throne of satan, there are other considerations that may come to mind.

First of all, when considering the role of the garden, the Aga Khan spoke of it being a “social space.. a place for learning, for sharing, for romance, for diplomacy, for reflection on the destiny of the human race (23).” This is HIS idea of the destiny of the human race! Have the people embrace Islam in every possible way!

In this disturbing article (24), it is openly admitted that the garden is there to change the culture and society of Canada to presumably turn it into a Muslim culture:

Edmonton joins other cities including Bamako, Cairo, Delhi, Kabul, and Toronto in hosting parks and gardens that were conceived or rehabilitated by the AKTC as catalysts for positive economic, social, and cultural change…

The Mughal Empire and people are emphasized many times in news coverage as far as the inspiration behind that garden and its message (25). Rachel Notley even goes so far as to say that is not just Mughal architecture, but “traditions” as well (26). These traditions prove that pluralism is actually pacification:

The Mughal Empire did not try to intervene in native societies during most of its existence, rather co-opting and pacifying them through conciliatory administrative practices and a syncretic, inclusive ruling elite, leading to more systematic, centralized and uniform rule.

The garden only drastically promotes one type of culture and one type of religion, for the purpose of further spreading the ideas of Islam into the Canadian population. In fact, the addition of the Aga Khan Garden is going to drastically increase the number of people who visit the University of Alberta campus (27). Considering the motto of the garden, that “no one leaves unchanged (28)”, it looks like bacon will be off the shelves in Alberta in no time!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1.png
The “Talar”

Rachel Notley and the Aga Khan’s Culture Bomb

On May 10th, 2018, Notley and the Aga Khan met for a discussion about the “Agreement of Cooperation” in place since 2012 between the Government of Alberta and the Ismaili Imamat (29)”. She said that is was a time to “reflect on Alberta’s longstanding relationship with the Ismaili Imamat, and the many values we share, including the importance of cultivating pluralism in a diverse society…”, and by pluralism she means Islam! She also expressed her gratitude and stated that “diversity makes us stronger.” Where have we heard that before?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is the-view-copy-1.png
Rachel Notley and Aga Khan – The view from the “throne”

When Notley said that the garden was influenced by Mughal traditions, did she even understand the meaning of that? Has she seen the above quote about the traditions of the Mughal Empire? Do the rest of the politicians in Canada know what it means? Either they are ignorant or complacent. The Khan and his followers are here to attempt to usher in a new global era!

Rachel Notley and Canada’s Indigenous People

The Aga Khan has a good friend in Rachel Notley (30). She’s not alone as far as being someone involved in his network. After all, it seems hard to resist him. However, one of the first things that Notley and Mitchell mention right away in their speeches is that the land belongs to Treaty 6 Indigenous peoples (31)! What a slap in the face! At the time of truth and reconciliation, let’s drop a huge Islamic garden in their backyard! Kids in Ontario have to learn Ojibwe in school, and meanwhile they are stamping out First Nations in Alberta? There is not even a feather in that garden for them.

There is a tiny Indigenous Garden (32) located within the larger Botanic Garden that was created in 1980. From the look of the pictures, not a thing has been done to the place since! At least the page for the Indigenous Garden includes some berries and most of a plaque about pine trees!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-3.png
Aga Khan Garden versus the Indigenous Garden

In her first paragraph of her speech at the inauguration of the garden, Notley says:

I’d like to begin by joining President Turpin and Her Honour, by acknowledging that we are all here on the traditional territory of Treaty Six and also to recognize the Métis people of Alberta who share a very deep connection with Islam that we are very, very, effectively celebrating here today.

Is the connection so deep that their culture is barely represented in that garden? Yes, very effective indeed! A spiritual space that has nothing to do with our very spiritual Aboriginal Canadians? They must know that when Islam comes, it will stamp their culture out just like it did in this garden. The blatant lack of respect here is astounding. They both mentioned that they are on Treaty 6 land just to say that they did, then proceeded to insult the people. The following map (33) shows that even the Japanese are represented more in that garden than our First Nations are.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-4.png
Map of the Botanic Garden

Yet, in spite of all of this, Notley was recently awarded a Blackfoot name and headdress at a ceremony in Lethbridge, Alberta (34). She was praised for “accomplishing a lot” and “taking over the government.” The ceremony drew criticism on social media, and Dee Brown is quoted in the article as saying:

Who was consulted about this decision?… I’m pretty sure the general consensus of the population strongly disagrees about honouring a politician who has forsaken so many of our people.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-5.png

Although the organizers of this event likely meant well, there does seem to be a need to educate people about the kind of agreements that are happening in Alberta and the rest of Canada with the Aga Khan. He may seem harmless and many of the things he does actually improve lives. No one is objecting to building new hospitals or ensuring access to clean drinking water. The issue is that the focus is on specifically assisting his Ismaili subjects first, then get local governments pay for it (35).

Meanwhile in Canada, the only change that the Khan wants is cultural change. He is not improving life for vulnerable Canadian people. They put a huge Islamic garden full of running water on Treaty 6 territory, while there are 38 short-term drinking water advisories in our First Nations. Six of those communities are in Alberta (36)! So to honour Notley means that you honour our government and you honour the Aga Khan.


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Politicians and Newspeak

originally published March 26, 2019
by Simone Georges

“Words exist so that we might discriminate one thing from another. Without words, we would have chaos.” (1) Once upon a time, when a politician spoke, it was to share their beliefs and how they could help the voting public. It then behoved the public to decide which politician most represented their needs and so vote for them. Words had meaning, we understood the words and we made our choice. 

Since Obama came to power in the United States in 2008 and Trudeau in Canada in 2015, suddenly we are grappling with a whole new lexicon. Saul Alinsky said, “Politics is all about power relations, but to advance one’s power, one must couch one’s positions in the language of morality.”(2) Suddenly words become nebulous. Definitions become negotiable. New words are shaped in an Alinskian fashion to manipulate the audience to accept the unacceptable, to think in the way the speaker wishes the listener to think.(3)

Trudeau leapt upon this leftist manipulation. When he threw open Canada’s borders, we no longer were dealing with illegal immigration, we now had irregular migration.(4) Mankind was rechristened peoplekind.(5) From a multicultural society, we were thrown into a world of diversity, which signified, once upon a time, an aspect of your portfolio. A measurable term global warming was abandoned in favour of the nebulous term climate change since the planet refused to warm up and we all know climate changes all the time. A largely undefined word began to be bandied about freely: does anybody really have a firm definition of Islamophobia? That question has not been answered to anybody’s satisfaction(6) and it gets applied to protests against child marriage and female genital mutilation which are legitimate concerns. Being called racist is something every nationalist has suffered when voicing concerns about unvetted migrants walking our streets. Even the claim of having the right to free speech is limited to the right to speak without offending any person on the left. 

By using this term, he tries to imply that the Liberals and the Conservatives have similar platforms and similar objectives for the country. This is patently false; however, he uses it freely to manipulate the gullible minds of his unblushingly naïve followers. Another favourite is the free use of the term globalist. Once again, his ingenuous acolytes parrot his words and apply it to anyone who does not support his unelected aspirations and dares to think Andrew Scheer may be a better choice for Canada. Let us examine the meaning of globalist with the help of the Urban Dictionary(7).

A comparison of this definition with the Conservative Party of Canada’s goals for the country show this to be patently false. 

Bernier is also fond of using the term pandering to refer to any extension of well wishes to a group of people of some ethnicity or other. This time, referring to the Merriam-Webster dictionary proves his usage false and a blatant twisting of the narrative.(8)

Trudeau and Bernier are very similar, it appears, in their enjoyment of using words to make people think the way they want. Both seem to be reading from Saul Alinsky’s playbook and would make him very proud! Manipulation is the game and both of these politicians are very adept at it. Honesty and forthrightness is a trait much to be desired in a politician, but you certainly won’t find it here! 

Actually, there seems to be very little difference between these two Quebec politicians!

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The Criminal Cartel of the Canada Infrastructure Bank Board

published March 21, 2019

In this follow up to “BlackRock, SNC & The Infrastructure Bank: Meet the Global Construction Cartel” we continue with The Canada Infrastructure Bank Board and the who’s who of global communist policy makers. The same players transfer from boards of foundations to boards of corporations to ministers of government, not because they are good at what they do, but because they follow the rules of the multilateral (HYBRID) universe of international treaties. It is big business to sell out the tax payers and their sovereignty to the one world government.

Other Members of the Canada Infrastructure Board include (1):

  • James Cherry: James Cherry served on the Board of Governors and Board of Directors for the United Way Canada (2). Key executives from the president’s office of SNC-Lavalin were also involved with the United Way: Gilles Laramee was on the board (3), Jacques Lamarre was on the council of Governors (4), and Pierre Duhaime was on fundraising committee(4). James Cherry is also on the board for the Foundation of Greater Montreal (FGM)(7). The Foundation of Greater Montreal is a member of the Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), an organization that brings together 191 foundations that operate across Canada and the managed assets of which total over $5.8 billion (8). The FGM had a direct partnership with United Way and SNC-Lavalin (9). Several SNC-Lavalin executives have served on the FGM Board including: Michael Novak (10) and Jacques Bougie (current board member of SNC-Lavalin and mentor to the Trudeau Foundation)(11)(12)(13)(26) and a director of McCain Foods Ltd. (13). Canada’s Finance Minister Bill Morneau is married to McCain Foods heiress Nancy McCain (14). Morneau was instrumental in setting up the Infrastructure Bank.

Tim Brodhead was instrumental in planning the initial workings of the Infrastructure Bank along with Tides Canada Foundation (5). He has served on several boards with James Cherry: Board of Directors for the United Way (4), Board of Directors for FGM (7), and Board of Governors for Concordia University (21). Tim Brodhead is currently the President of the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation and was also interim president of the Trudeau Foundation from 2013-2014 (6). It goes without saying that if Tides Foundation is involved so then is philanthropist George Soros (22)(23), who seems to have his hands in everyone’s cookie jar including our Canadian Infrastructure Bank.

  • Ms. Poonam Puri was a Trudeau Foundation post-doctoral fellow and award recipient (15). She is also a member of the International association of law schools (IALS) (16)(17). The International Association of Law Schools is a private, non-political, non-profit, collaborative, learned society dedicated to serving the worldwide legal education community. It consists of more than 170 law schools and departments from over 55 countries representing more than 7,500 law faculty members (18). It’s primary mission includes: To foster mutual understanding and respect for the worlds varied and changing legal systems and culture, to prepare lawyers for transnational global practice, to work with entities to develop guidelines and adapt legal education to the needs of changing society regarding international and transnational law (19). Many law schools participating in IALS programs receive funding from the Open Society Foundation (29). It has been proposed that IALS build a database of funding organizations that promote the Rule of Law such as intergovernmental organizations (the United Nations system, the European Union and the Council of Europe) to specific NGOs and foundations (such as the Carnegie Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Open Society Foundation etc.) that could act to open up funding venues for its member(30).

Ms. Poonam Puri led a research project which investigated the reconfiguration of transnational governance: (20)

A profound transformation in global regulation has resulted in a shift from a reliance on nation-state-driven treaty and law-making to a highly decentralized set of processes of norm-creation, that involve and are fueled by both public and private, governmental and non-governmental actors, operating in an emerging ‘post-national’ and ‘transnational’ space.”

This directed research project is situated in this uniquely interdisciplinary and fast-developing field at the intersection of law, governance, finance and globalization…. the project, will focus on the Equator Principles (“EPs”)… to illuminate the reconfiguration of transnational governance.”

The EPs constitute a voluntary common framework established in 2003, to which 67 global financial institutions have agreed for evaluating and managing social and environmental risk in privately-financed development projects.”

The EP’s ambitious regulatory framework promises to incorporate corporate social responsibility, environmental responsibility, and human rights into the very core of the decision making process within the participating global banks, in some cases extending to all of a participating banks.”

Canadians must have missed this memo? Are the banks reconfiguring from a “transnational state” into an “international state” of governance”? For the many Canadians that still believe we are a “sovereign state”, just how exactly will these “Equator Principals” impact the regulatory framework of Canada’s Infrastructure Bank? After all Canadian pension funds are being used and it the Canadian taxpayers (not the international community) that will be on the hook for incurred losses?

  • Janice Fukakusa was Senior VP and chief internal auditor for RBC and chairman of RBC Ventures Fund (31) and now is on the Board of Directors for Canada Infrastructure Bank. Former SNC-Lavalin executives are also directors with Royal Bank Directors (24) and they include: Guy St. Pierre who was former CEO of SNC-Lavalin and mentor to the Trudeau Foundation (25), Jacques Bougie who is currently on the board of directors for SNC-Lavalin and McCain Foods and mentor on the Trudeau Foundation (24)(26)(27). In addition the president of McCain Foods, G. Wallace F. McCain is also director and on the audit committee for RBC (32).
  • Jane Bird was a senior Engineer from SNC-Lavalin and now sits on the Board of Directors of Canada Infrastructure Bank (28).
  • Kimberly Baird is a renowned First Nations Chief in BC and founder of Kim Baird Strategic Consulting (33). She helped to negotiate the Tsawwassen First Nations Treaty in BC, a modern urban land development treaty that would act to extinguish aboriginal title and rights to First Nations land whereby all land had to be registered and taxed (34). Chief Baird then helped to spearhead a major retail and commercial development project for two large shopping malls on First Nations land which was tied to a “social economy” community program (35)(36). She is described as a “wealthy retail land baron” by her Tsawwassen First Nations community(33), who fear that poverty and unemployment may drive them off their land. The partners in this land development project were Ivanhoe Cambridge and Property Development Group. Ivanhoe Cambridge is a subsidiary of Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec (CDPQ), the Quebec pension plan (37). Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec is the major stock holder of SNC-Lavalin (38).
  • Dave Bronconnier was Mayor of Calgary when SNC-Lavalin was awarded the 1 Billion dollar Calgary LRT contract from the city(39). His biography states that he is Director of Interloq Capital Inc. (1), but a thorough internet search for that company could not be found.
  • Michele Colpron is Vice President of Finance & Investments Administration for CDP Capital which operates as a subsidiary of Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec (CDPQ) and one of their principal construction partners is SNC-Lavalin (40). CDPQ is also the principal shareholder of SNC-Lavalin (38).
  • Christopher Hickman was the Chairman and CEO of Marco Group, a large construction company (41) that partnered on contracts with SNC-Lavalin (42). He also served on the board of Nalco Energy that also gave contracts to SNC-Lavalin(43).
  • Stephen Smith was on the board of directors for the CD Howe Institute. SNC-Lavalin is a member of CD Howe Institute (44). Stephen Smith was also on the board METROLINX/Go transit. Metrolix awarded contracts to SNC-Lavalin for Crosslinx Transit Solutions (45).
  • Patricia Youzwa was CEO of SaskPower that gave SNC-Lavalin millions in contracts (46). Current reports show that SaskPower overpaid 111 million to SNC-Lavalin (47).

The extent to which the foreign criminal syndicate call the shots leave little ability for our elected ministers of parliament to do anything about it. That is, if they are not in on the con to begin with. These people know the agendas, they agree with the agendas, and further the agendas of UN Global Compacts of every sort. SNC is the construction cartel in Canada (48). The amalgamation of the Canada Infrastructure Bank with BlackRock is a non-partisan Red Alert moment for all Canadian Patriots!


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