The PPC “Say No to Mass Immigration” Billboards Fiasco

originally published August 29, 2019. special thanks to Tom and MrsAnna.

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By now you’ve all heard about the “Say No to Mass Immigration” billboard fiasco involving the People’s Party of Canada (1). Cody Payant, a PPC Candidate seems thrilled and made multiple tweets showing different locations. He didn’t appear surprised, in fact he was excited and in promotion mode. (2) (3) (4) (5)

But who was behind the billboards? Maxime Bernier and his Executive Director, Johanne Mennie denied any involvement with the Billboards (6). The billboards were put up by True North Strong & Free Advertising, a third-party organization registered August 16, and run by Frank Smeenk.

Elections Canada registration.

Frank Smeenk is also the President & Chief Executive Officer of KWG Resources (7). He is Canadian and has deep roots in the precious metal industry.

Maxime Bernier has denied having any involvement with the Billboards, and has denied knowing the people that put the ads up. However, Bernier gave a speech in June of 2018, not even 2 months before leaving CPC, at KWG (8)!!!  A paid gig!!!  The proceeds were meant to clear HIS “leadership campaign” debt. Max resigned from the Conservative Party shortly after in August 2018 debt free. Et voila!


KWG has huge holdings in northern Ontario and is a major stakeholder in the mineral rich Ring of Fire located in Northern Ontario (9).

The problem with the Ring of Fire is that it is currently inaccessible and is all but impossible to put in place the infrastructure due to the difficult topography. However, there is one possible route, that route is owned by KWG (10).

In order for those resources to have any value they have to be brought to a market. Getting them there is the key. Now you would think that this would be where SNC comes into the picture. They have lots of railway and infrastructure expertise but SNC has NO connection to PPC or KWG. So who could do this work?

It’s the transportation costs that will make this project sustainable for the next century,” says KWG Resources CEO Frank Smeenk. “Ontario chromite will have to compete with market leaders in South Africa and Kazakhstan, while the deposits in northern Finland are conveniently located less than 50 kilometres from an ocean port. We need to ensure that the minerals can be transported to the market in the most efficient manner, at the lowest possible unit costs.” Well then it looks like the Ring of Fire is just a puff of smoke right? Maybe not? Shit, another tunnel. You’re going to love where this goes (11).

Bring in China’s “One Belt – One Road” Initiative (12). KWG has spent considerable time courting China Railway First Survey & Design Institute Group to talk about the feasibility study the state-owned company prepared for KWG last year for a proposed $4-billion mine operation and ore haul railway from the James Bay exploration camp to Nakina in northwestern Ontario. “The Toronto-based chromite explorer said in a release that it’s looking to “establish interest” in supply agreements to feed the Chinese stainless industry, and make financing arrangements.” (13) China has a plan to develop a one world economic order, and KWG is all for it.

KWG was asking for a “$1 billion guarantee” from the Province of Ontario’s Ring of Fire Infrastructure Development Corporation to use as “consideration for project financing terms from Chinese lenders.” That’s right, KWG wants Ontario tax payers on the hook for a massive mining project involving the Chinese Communists as majority share holders. The project being overseen by the management team of the Overseas Investment Department of their FSDI affiliate China Railway Construction Investment Group. Please, someone explain why China is at the receiving end of all these newly formed taxpayer funded infrastructure banks. (14)

Why is it that Bernier hasn’t said anything about shutting down the infrastructure bank? What big donors are helping Max? Why is there no transparency with the PPC? The development of the Canadian chromite deposits hinges on partnership with CHINA. So a partnership between Canada and the new Asian International Investment Bank (AIIB) led by China.

What are their political affiliations if any with the Peoples Party? It appears the Communist Party of China. So surely Max would fight against that right? After all he’s looking out for Canadians and our Canadian sovereignty, no? Away we go. Let’s have a look (15).

Maxime Bernier made a, now famous, speech at the 2006 Conservative Futures event in Barrie Ontario when he celebrated China.

Okay, one more little tidbit. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Attawapiskat First Nation and their disappointment with Trudeau and his broken promises (16) (17). Well here’s his chance to make good on those promises. But first he’ll have to build a road to Attawapiskat.  Oh, wait a minute, there is no way he could get re-elected. But, if Judy Wilson-Reybold was leading the Liberal party, she’d get that infrastructure in place that would allow those poor indigenous communities to lead a decent life and we’d pay for it. KWG has shown the Attawapiskat leaders “the possibilities are breathtaking”… Oh, the only way to do that, build a rail line through the Ring of Fire. And there is only one route. All of the rights to that route are owned by none other than KWG.

Do you truly understand what damage is being done!  The name People’s Party is not a mistake, it is a Communist party! Canadian politicians have been steadily selling us off to China. Cretien serves Chinese interests. Desmaris/Power Corp. is on Canada-Chinese trade boards. China is taking over large swathes of the west coast and Alberta, and now has their sights on Ontario. The Chinese state owned oil company CNOOC has been steadily removing Canadian’s from their work force (18) and the oil is essentially theirs to do what they please (19). What is poised to happen in Ontario, has already happened elsewhere. The riches promised to Canadians never comes.


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originally published August 28, 2019. Thanks to Marilyn Taylor for the bullet points!

Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party of Canada have an excellent platform! To date, he has released the following relative to his platform:

-will not bow down to the UN and the climate hysteria (ref)

-will kill UNDRIP as team Scheer does not believe the UN has authority over Canada (ref)

-will build the pipelines (ref) (ref)

-will remove the GST off home energy including heating oil, electricity, natural gas, propane, wood pellets (ref)

-will reduce small business taxes and federal taxes (ref)

-will have a $1,000.00 tax credit for home-schooled children (ref) (ref) [note: Scheer has dropped his pledge of private school deduction (ref)]

-will keep the tax-free Canada Child Benefit, seniors benefits (ref)

-will increase transfers to provinces for healthcare and social services by at least, 3% a year (ref)

-will implement a New Parents Act that will give maternity, parental benefits, employment Insurance benefits tax-free (ref)

-will give incentives to retirees who want to re-enter the work force in order to help alleviate labour shortages (ref)

-will balance the budget in five years not by cuts : “any new spending not already budgeted will be paid for from savings within the government” (ref)

-will rework the ‘mortgage stress test’ to facilitate home buyers (ref)

-will increase the supply of housing and reduce regulations on new home builds (ref)

-will have the CBC refocus on national stories (ref)

-will deny funding and research money to universities that don’t allow full freedom of speech (ref)

-will recommit Canadian fighters to the battle against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ref) (ref)

-will not reopen the debate on abortion (ref)

-will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem (ref)

-will join a U.S.-led global missile-defense coalition (ref)

-will spend at least 2% of Canada’s GDP on national defence (ref)

-will renegotiate the Safe Third Country Agreement to cover the entire border (ref)

-will expedite the removal of failed asylum seekers (ref) (ref)

-will set immigration levels on an annual basis based on Canada’s best interests (ref) (ref)

-will increase private sponsorship of refugees to reduce the number of refugees reliant on taxpayers (ref) (ref)

-will bring in more economic immigrants and fewer immigrants under family reunification (ref)

-will provide temporary workers a path to residency, ensure wages are fair, stop the abuse of workers (ref)

-will improve language training (ref)

-will improve credential recognition to allow newcomers to practice their professions and trades (ref) (ref)

-will set up better provincial programs to ensure that immigration meets labour needs and doesn’t strain social programs (ref)

-will establish a mechanism to oversee the immigration consultant profession to better prevent fraud (ref)

-will end birthright citizenship for anyone who doesn’t have a Canadian parent or a parent with permanent residency (ref)

-will immediately pull Canada out of the U.N. Global Compact on Migration (ref) (ref)

-will let Quebecers file a single tax return to be overseen by the Quebec government (ref)

-will have returning terrorists prosecuted to the full extent of the law (ref)

-will reinstate Harper’s legislation to deport dual citizens guilty of terrorism (ref)

-will list Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist entity (ref)

-will make full use of the Magnitsky Law to punish Iran’s worst human rights offenders (ref)

-will stop Statistics Canada from collecting our personal banking and credit information (ref)

-will replace Bill C-71 with a law that targets criminals, protects Canadians and respects farmers and law-abiding firearms owners (ref)

– doesn’t support a gun ban but tougher penalties (ref)

-will end automatic bail for gang members, identify gangs in the criminal code, revoke parole for gang members, toughen sentences for ordering gang crime and create new sentences for violent gang crime (ref) (ref)

-will have tougher sentences for those who knowingly possess smuggled guns, a lifetime gun ownership ban on any lawful gun owner found to be selling guns to people prohibited from possessing them or to the black market and a lifetime gun ownership ban for anyone convicted of violent crime or gang-related activity (ref)

-will seize guns from people detained for mental health-related issues and create a special task force to keep guns from being smuggled in from the U.S. (ref) (ref)

-will create a firearms ombudsman to advocate for gun owners and have the RCMP no longer having the power to reclassify guns (ref) (ref)

-will rule out free trade with China as the U.S., Australia and New Zealand has done -supports the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union (ref)

-will ban Huawei from Canada’s 5G network (ref)

– will eliminate trade barriers among the provinces and set up a formal free-trade deal with the provinces (ref)

-will separate the roles of Minister of Justice and Attorney-General (ref)

-will take back the 256 million Trudeau has deposited in the Asia Infrastructure Bank and cancel any further contributions to that bank : believes that Trudeau shouldn’t be spending our tax dollars building infrastructure in other countries when we have infrastructure needs in Canada (ref)

-will scrap Trudeau’s 35 billion Canada Infrastructure Bank (ref)

-will upgrade the Royal Canadian Navy’s submarine capability to better protect our national waters (ref)

-will take politics out of our military procurement process (ref)

-will upgrade our submarines and fighter jets (ref)

-will reverse Trudeau’s changes to the Senate and return to the practice of appointing party members to the Senate (ref)

-will build a fleet of icebreakers to cement Canada’s Arctic sovereignty (ref)

-will scrap Trudeau’s forced carbon tax, repeal Trudeau’s pipeline and oil shipping laws, cancel Trudeau’s levies on carbon, repeal Trudeau’s Bill C-69 to overhaul energy project reviews, establish clear timelines for regulatory approvals, assert federal jurisdiction when necessary with the government’s declaratory power under the Constitution (ref)

-will make Canada oil independent within 10 years by creating a single corridor of energy infrastructure across the country that will simplify the construction of new pipelines and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs (ref)

-will lift the ban on tanker traffic along the B.C. coast (ref)

-will end government handouts or corporate welfare for companies like Bombardier (ref)

-will change the Criminal Code to make it easier to convict people accused of human trafficking, end automatic bail for those charged with trafficking, make those convicted serve consecutive sentences for each victim rather than concurrent terms (ref)

– will also fund police, survivor services and public awareness to fight human trafficking (ref)

-will pay more attention to the Arctic than Trudeau has done (ref)

-will establish closer relations with India and Japan (ref) (ref)

-will stand up to Russian aggression (ref)

-will stand up to terrorists (ref)

-will keep marijuana legal and grant pardons (ref)

-will have another review of Canada’s Food Guide as the latest guide is the result of a flawed and biased process (ref)

-will abandon Trudeau’s plan for front-of-package nutrition labeling (ref)

-will cut Trudeau’s funding of the UN’s Relief and Works Agency which is a Palestinian group listed as a terrorist organization in Canada (ref)

-is opposed to the the Social Economy (ref)

-will continue campaign for UN Security Council seat, however, will not sell out Canada to do so (ref)

-will focus on technology to deal with climate change and drop needless taxes (ref)


Frank Giustra Seeks to Strangle Twitter

Bill Clinton, Carlos Slim, and Frank Giustra

In April 2019, Canada’s billionaire mining entrepreneur and philanthropist Frank Giustra launched a lawsuit against the social media giant Twitter for defamation, claiming that he had been harassed on the platform since February 2015 (1). In his submission, Giustra professes to have had a squeaky-clean reputation before a handful of tweets tarnished his image. Among other things, he believes that he was vilified during the 2016 presidential election due to his ties with the Clinton Foundation, which itself has been plagued with reports of corruption for decades (2)(3). He also mentions in the suit that he has been accused of being a pedophile and being involved in Pizzagate.

In June, Twitter filed an application in response to the lawsuit, stating that BC was not the proper place to sue because the “court lacks jurisdiction (4).” Twitter went on to say that the suit should be either dismissed, stayed, or declined jurisdiction in favour of the courts in California, where most of the witnesses and documents are located. For its part, Twitter said in the application that it is a platform for people to express their views and that it already has a team of “safety experts” who enforce their rules. They also said that they cannot proactively screen all content, which is exactly what Giustra wants them to do.

Giustra wants a mandatory permanent injunction requiring Twitter to delete, remove, cease or prevent publication of the tweets, as well as a mandatory permanent injunction requiring the company to prohibit publication by its users of materials that are defamatory of the plaintiff on an indefinite basis. He’s also seeking general damages and costs (5).

Giustra is demanding that anything anyone says about him to be moderated. He wants comments about him that feature him negatively not published at all. Not only that, but he has a list of tweets that he wants removed. A lot of the tweets are older and he complained about these specific tweets at the time too. The list contains 98 tweets and are listed in the appendix of his lawsuit (6)(7). He basically wants his own expert Twitter posse, ready to sift through Twitter 24 hours a day, looking for anything negative about him.

What are the implications of this? Essentially, Giustra wants to change Twitter’s business model to a publisher instead of a social media platform. By launching his lawsuit in Canada, Giustra aims to set legal precedent in Canadian censorship laws which differ from those of the United States. These are the sort of loopholes Giustra employs in his business dealings; for example, he set up the Canadian affiliate of the Clinton Foundation in order to circumvent US laws, which unlike Canadian laws, require the disclosure of all it’s donors (8).

Who is Frank Giustra?

According to Wikipedia, Giustra is a Canadian businessman and mining financier (9). He began his work in the investment industry in 1978 and developed a reputation for being able to quickly raise billions of dollars. He then created a “resource-financing” group in Europe for Yorkton Securities and then went on to work with Rob McEwen and Ian Telfer to turn Goldcorp into the fourth largest gold mining company in the world. Giustra has also collaborated with or is associated with: Endeavor Financial, UrAsia Energy, Leogold Mining, Fiore Group, the Radcliffe Foundation, Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative, the Boys Club Network, and the Crisis Group. This is not where the list stops, and MarketScreener has an excellent summary of his other business interests and connections (10).

On November 5th, 2012, BCBusiness ran a very revealing article about Giustra (11). It traces through his childhood, noting that even as a child he “wanted to get away with murder.” The article details how his latest venture at the time was to promote his “green gold” olive oil. Apparently, as Giustra proudly states, his friends Bill and Hillary Clinton love it. This quote from the article sums up Frank:

Frank Giustra changes direction as regularly as the wind, turning whatever catches his interest to gold. He wanted to be a stockbroker, so he became a legend on Howe Street. He dreamed of Hollywood, so he built Lions Gate Entertainment. And when he wanted to truly give back, he called Bono and the Clintons. Now with a black book of personal contacts who literally change the world, Giustra can’t wait to tell you about his new venture.

Who’s in Frank’s little “black book” of contacts other than the Clintons and George Soros? Who else wants to “change the world”? And what “new ventures” has Frank pursued since this article was written? By exploring his involvement with various foundations and charities listed above, our goal is to answer some of these questions.

The Giustra Foundation (formerly known as the Radcliffe Foundation) website states he is CEO of Fiore group and the founder of Lionsgate Entertainment (12). In addition, the Giustra Foundation has more recently become “actively involved in the refugee crisis by providing humanitarian aid in Greece and Turkey.” He is also founding partner in both The Ascend Collaborative and the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (13)(14). It’s important to note that Giustra does not generally get involved with anything unless there is a profit to be made (15, page 31).

Along with George Soros, Giustra funds and is also an active Board Trustee of the International Crisis Group (ICG), an organization that describes itself as independent and non-partisan, but has consistently championed NATO’s wars (16)(17)(18)(19). These topics are complicated and will be explored in subsequent articles.

The foundation’s site also highlights Giustra’s work with the infamous Clinton Foundation, despite their involvement in the questionable Uranium One deal, which is still shrouded in secrets. In fact, controversy seems to be an ongoing theme in Giustra’s collaboration with the Clintons (20)(21)(22)(23)(24)(25), so much so that their integrity remains problematic. This did not stop Justin Trudeau from praising Giustra and the Radcliffe Foundation at the UN in September, 2016 (26).

In Giustra’s lawsuit, he claims that he was “vilified…in part in part because of his charitable and philanthropic work in support of the Clinton Foundation in (27). Giustra did famously say back in 2015 that (28):

All of my chips, almost, are on Bill Clinton… He’s a brand, a worldwide brand, and he can do things and ask for things that no one else can…..The one thing that works for me is generosity. Generosity can be very profitable.”

It is therefore necessary to obtain a good background as far as the type of operations that the Clintons engage in. Probably one of the best sources, and most entertaining to watch, is the 2015 documentary Clinton Cash, based on the book of the same name by Peter Schweizer (29). When the book was released, the Clinton camp were running around in a panic, waiting to see what kinds of errors there were or what excuses they could make. Many news outlets were given advance copies of the book to fact-check the work (30). Errors were subsequently corrected in the Kindle version of the book, and the publisher, HarperCollins, insisted that the errors were minor (31):

The changes that Amazon is referring to as significant are actually quite minor. We made 7-8 factual corrections after the first printing and fixed a technical issue regarding the endnotes. This global fix may have made the changes appear more extensive than they were.

Zero Hedge made a good point shortly after the film’s release (32):

While these accusations, many of which have been substantiated by multiple sources, would be devastating to mere mortal presidential candidates, we’re certain these are just a few more negative data points that will not stick to the teflon-coated Clinton couple.

Does Frank Giustra have a “teflon coat”? His lawsuit suggests otherwise. One look at any search results including both Giustra and Clinton’s names will make you wonder why he is denying any shady dealings with the Clinton Foundation. It looks like it will take a lot more than scrubbing Twitter to remove these stains. And considering how much he wants to avoid any future publication of stuff about him, what’s on his agenda next?

Seeing that the vast amount of information in Clinton Cash remains undisputed, this is definitively worth a watch. The Giustra section starts at 37:17 if you are pressed for time. So, grab some popcorn, treat yourself to a movie, and CIN will continue to roll out the truth about Frank Giustra; it’s a real-life “Game of Thrones” with dragons no less!


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Immigration: The Tipping Point

originally published April 21, 2019, updated July 8, 2019
by Simone Georges

Mr. Speaker, I want to bring to the member’s attention that Canada is a nation of immigrants. We are a nation of immigrants and we have one of the finest immigration policies anywhere in the world. Our policy is continuously evolving to respond to the needs of Canadians and to fulfill our commitment on the international scene in conformity with the United Nations.
Mac Harb, Liberal MP, House Of Commons, October 2001

Is this accurate? Is Canada a nation of immigrants? Canada was first settled by pioneers who came to a largely uninhabited land, cultivated farms, built homes, established businesses and made something out of nothing. There was no receiving society into which they integrated; they made a society out of the wilds of a world where none existed for thousands of forested kilometres. To immigrate somewhere is to leave a society and join another existing society. Yes, many Canadians are immigrants, but the nation was built by settlers who fought against nature and starvation, established farms and cities and created a country. So, whether or not Canada is a nation of immigrants is debatable. Our prime minister in waiting, Andrew Scheer, has stated that it is (1), and I will not detract from his words except to insist on the difference between the hardy settlers of our great nation and the current migrants who freely benefit from our many social systems (2).

Canada has had a chequered attitude towards immigration, going through phases of non-receptivity to openness, depending on the labour requirements of the country (3)(4). As Canada became more socialist, the waters have become more muddied. In 1988 with the passing of the Multiculturalism Act, all immigrants received the right to benefit from all social programs in Canada.  As far back as the National Medical Care Act of 1967, immigrants became eligible for free healthcare at the expense of the taxpayer. A while before that, Unemployment Insurance Act (1940)(5) was passed and shortly after the granting of ‘baby bonuses’ (1945) began (6). These are only a few of the many social welfare systems, some of which are specifically designed for new-comers, that are in place in current-day Canada – all at the expense of the taxpayer (free English courses, social welfare, start-up funds, preferential free housing, etc.). Fraser Institute did a monumental study in which they analysed the cost of immigration on the Canadian economy. They determined that the total fiscal cost to the government (or the taxpayer) of recent immigrants ranges from $16.3 billion to $23.6 billion annually as of 2011(7). Since 2017, what is the real cost? It would be illuminating to find this out! 

With the advent of the Syrian war with thousands of refugees flooding the country, and Trudeau’s ill-advised tweet in January of 2017, the problem became exacerbated.

The inflow of refugees and migrants began to represent a substantial amount of taxpayer dollars. As of January, of last year, Canada has accepted nearly 50,000 Syrian refugees with another 20,000 waiting for approval (8). Fully 60% of these do not speak English or French. By April of this year, some 40,000 so-called ‘irregular migrants’ have walked across Canada’s southern border via illegal entry points such as the infamous Roxham Rd. (9). Now here is the monumental question: how much is this costing taxpayers through our social systems? Some follow-up questions would be: how many actually obtain gainful employment? How many actually have learned one of our official languages? Can they become contributing members of society if they don’t learn English or French and therefore do not obtain employment?

Canada is heading into a recession (10). We have seen tens of thousands of jobs flee the province of Alberta with the downturn in the Canadian oil industry. Thousands of jobs have left Ontario with the mis-handling of the USMCA and various tariffs being applied on our exports to our largest trading partner. The situation as it stands shows a much higher population of job-seekers with fewer jobs being available. A Federal carbon tax and higher taxes on small businesses represents higher financial burdens on the working Canadians. The Canadian dollar is being devalued, our economy is slowing perceptibly, and interest rates are increasing substantially. All these are factors of an incipient recession.

The policy of the government is to foster the growth of the population of Canada by the encouragement of immigration. The government will seek by legislation, regulation and vigorous administration, to ensure the careful selection and permanent settlement of such numbers of immigrants as can be advantageously absorbed in our national economy. It is a matter of domestic policy […] The people of Canada do not wish as a result of mass immigration to make a fundamental alteration in the character of our population.
-William Lyon Mackenzie King (1947)

Concurrent with the previous red flags, the signing of the UN Compact on Migration by the Trudeau government in December of 2018 has been the cause of enormous dismay to taxpayers, viewing it as an attack on our sovereignty, handing our immigration over to the UN. Agenda 2030 makes it very clear that borders are unimportant, and Canada is slated for a huge influx of migrants, all of whom have the right to all our social systems. Along with this, Canadians have seen attacks on their freedoms through M-103 which curtails the right to speak ill of Islam specifically (11). Agenda 2030 also makes it clear that the receiving country must make every effort to adjust to newcomers. Suddenly William Lyon Mackenzie King’s words become very pertinent. The very fabric of our society is being forced to adjust to newcomers. As far back as 1907 Sir Wilfred Laurier stated: 

What is the fallout of all these factors? 

Canadians are among the most generous and welcoming people in the world – or they used to be. While I was growing up in Quebec and Ontario, we saw many immigrants move into our neighbourhood and generally found that a novel and interesting occurrence with no anti-immigrant emotion. My mother would invite the new family over or bring them some of her preserves to make them welcome and many of the neighbours would do the same. In the classroom, the children would make friends with the newcomers and we barely noticed the colour of their skin or their differences.  

This is who we used to be. This is who we should be.

But how can this idyllic situation continue? The tide is turning. The influx of illegals, the advent of sanctuary cities in Canada, the buy-out of the media by the Trudeau government (12)… so many factors, so many attacks on our tolerance and human kindness are causing a quiet rage to begin building. We are reaching our limit.  

So, what is happening? The rage is being misdirected, the real issue is lost and more and more Canadians are becoming anti-immigration (13). They become unable to see that the problem is not immigration, the problem is ILLEGAL migration. Furthermore, the problem is too many social systems that encourage refugees to NOT work and merely produce child after child to receive more and more Child and Family benefits while contributing nothing. Bought media rhetoric enflames the rage as do the words of virtue-signalling leftists and all those who quietly and respectfully protest illegal migration and the UNMCA and loss of our freedoms through legislation are being calumnied as white nationalists and far-right. Leftist politicians take to Twitter and attack dissenters as racists and bigots and supremacists. Polarization becomes exacerbated. 

An article that appeared in MSN news on April 21, 2019 is one such polarizing article, entitled The Rise of Uncaring Canada (14). The writer seeks to portray Canadians as white nationalists and illegal border-crossers as helpless victims of an uncaring system. Andray Domise enshrines Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s immigration minister, as a compassionate man, full of generosity to helpless refugee populations and Somalia as a country torn apart by decades of western exploitation and political destabilisation. Domise draws on an example of one individual purporting to be denied a job opportunity because of his Somali origins to stoke sympathy in his reader. He proceeds to attack Michelle Rempel, Lisa MacLeod and Doug Ford for not being kind or generous enough to poor refugees. This article is full of misdirection and leftist rhetoric to support his premise that Canadians are becoming bigoted and racist.

I beg of you, all you Conservatives of Canada: do not let yourselves be manipulated! This polarization is part of the attack on our freedom! Canada NEEDS immigrants like Salim Mansur, CPC candidate for London North Central, Dr. Zulfiqar Bhutta, a prominent physician in Toronto, Hamdi Ulukaya, founder of Chobani Yogurt and other such contributing immigrants. Our country is huge, with large empty spaces. There is room for all who wish to come and CONTRIBUTE, and become CANADIAN in every sense of the word! Do not give in to the politics of division and exclusion. We must fight against socialism. We must fight against the hijacking of our sovereignty by the UN. We must take care of those already in our country: our veterans, our homeless and our First Nations people THEN we extend our compassion to those outside our country. After this, WE choose who comes! WE set limits on help provided. WE keep the control and turn the tide of anger through constant refocusing of our energies on the real issues. 

Maybe if we keep our heads, we can keep Canada from reaching the tipping point where everything falls into chaos. We do not want the globalists to win. We do not want Agenda 21 to be realized and Agenda 2030 to take control. We are Conservatives, but most of all we are Canadians. 


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Civilian Intelligence Network Muzzled by Twitter for Mughal Criticism

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

published June 28, 2019

On June 18, 2019, Civilian Intelligence Network (CIN) published an article about the Aga Khan’s grip on Canada and the importance of stopping him from continuing to push his Mughal ideals on the Canadian public (1). In one of the first tweets promoting the article, CIN got a huge, obvious shadowban right off the bat! Twitter removed the only conversation from the tweet! This is a blatant display of their shadowbanning practices and can be used as an example of what Twitter is continuing to do today to stifle free speech.

First of all, what is shadowbanning? Basically, it means that someone or something is censoring you and trying to be sneaky about it. President Donald Trump shone a light on shadowbanning in 2018, when he claimed that Republicans were getting shadowbanned on Twitter (2). Twitter tried to pretend that only having search boxes not auto-completing was the only problem that they “fixed overnight.” Was it really fixed overnight, and was it just search boxes that were affected? Their statement sure does not sound very re-assuring!

Twitter began addressing “healthy public conversation” through a variety of changes earlier this year, he said. “In May (2018), we started using behavioral signals and machine learning to reduce people’s ability to detract from healthy public conversation on Twitter.” Essentially, Twitter is trying to employ user data to make Twitter more usable for people, with this glitch an unintended consequence.

Unintended? Yeah right! “Healthy public conversation?” According to whom? And we actually believe that this is only happening to “verified accounts with more than 100K followers?” Anyone who actually trusts what Twitter says needs a serious wake-up call. That’s right folks, in case you didn’t know, you are not allowed to decide what your own interests or opinions are! Instead, Twitter has us covered with their ongoing “conversational health work (3).”

Many Twitter users from smaller accounts have noticed their tweets were disappearing from conversations over the last year. People who noticed this were adding the letter “X” to their account names, to warn people that their tweets are often censored (4).

It appears that not much has changed since 2018. On July 27, 2019, an article by Sara Carter was released detailing how Twitter is using almost the exact same language today to explain what they are doing to “protect the health of public conversation (5).”

In regards to the conversation on the CIN’s tweet, what was the reason for removing the entire conversation? Was it because one tweet mentioned “crushing” the Aga Khan? One look at the context shows that it’s in response to a tweet referring to crushing in a political sense. Also, it is not a call to any sort of violence and is in fact, only a question. Here is the dialogue that was censored:

Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2
Screenshot #3
Screenshot #4
Screenshot #5

The original tweet shows these replies no longer exist in the thread, and even seem to change whether someone is logged into twitter or not! However, keeping in line with the idea of a shadowban, the people in the conversation can still see it if they look on their own timeline. All seems fine from there, so people might assume everything is okay. Meanwhile more voices in the world have been shut down.


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