Frank Giustra: Canada’s Deep State Architect

Frank Giustra Seeks to Strangle Twitter

Frank Giustra and Pizzagate: An Examination of the Pizzagate Wikipedia Page

Soros’ Green (& Weed) Social Economic Movement

Soros’ Marijuana Movement: “Best Buds” Bernier & Dicks


Immigration: The Tipping Point

Soros and the Canadian Connection to the Migrant Caravan on the US Border

Universities’ Role in the New World Order

Soros’ Quiet Revolution Through Liberal Elite Higher Education Cesspools

Social Economy and One World Government

Soros’ Tides Foundation and the Social Economy Slush Fund

Soros, Trudeau, SNC & The Canada Investment Bank

BlackRock, SNC & The Infrastructure Bank: Meet the Global Construction Cartel

The Criminal Cartel of the Canada Infrastructure Bank Board

Islam and the West

The Aga Khan’s Stranglehold on Alberta

The Aga Khan’s Mughal Canada

Civilian Intelligence Network Muzzled by Twitter for Mughal Criticism

Allah Is Not God

Andrew Scheer & the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC)


Being Canadian: For Andrew Scheer

Maxime Bernier & the People’s Party of Canada (PPC)

Johanne Mennie: Deep Mysteries – Deep State

The Worm at the Core of the PPC

Meet Communist Maxime Bernier

Canada Has A Quebec Politician Problem

The PPC’s “Say NO To Mass Immigration” Billboard Fiasco

Politicians Dialectics

Politicians and Newspeak: Bernier and Trudeau Style


The Number of Foreign Students in Western Countries expressed as a percent.

Taking Down The Privy Council Series

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  1. This started when the socialists fled Europe to North America at the beginning of the second world war. They got into our schools of higher education and what we have today is the decaying result.

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